Renewable energy is the future energy resource. Metals are fundamental building blocks of our modern world and steel is the most efficient material in which to store and use energy through its thermal and electrical conductivity. Solar and wind energy projects are dependent on a consistent supply of steel that’s able to withstand the harshest conditions. 

It is crucial to have a sustainable energy source and this is exactly the reason why steel is the best source of renewable energy. Steel is a versatile material that can be used for various applications. Here are the 5 reasons why steel is best for renewable energy.

Steel is the Sustainable Construction Material

The primary metals used in the renewable energy market (in order of importance) are: steel, copper, aluminum, nickel, zinc, and lead.

Steel can be recycled and reused. The ability to be recycled is a source of competitive advantage for steel. An average steel product can be recycled up to 100 times. And the recycling rate of steel is 75% or higher and is the highest among metals. This means that as the renewable energy market grows, it will create more demand for steel, which can be recycled for other uses. Instead of a permanent loss of materials, steel will allow for sustainable use of resources.

Because steel can be melted, forged, and remolded, the recycled steel can be used to produce new steel and be recycled indefinitely to other steel products because of the strength of the material.

Steel is used for wind turbine towers, blades, and nacelle components. It can also be used for solar panels, frames, and for racking systems as well as for electric vehicle platforms, the chassis, and recharging stations.

Steel Helps Create a Low-Carbon Economy

Steel and renewable energy are closely linked: renewable energy sources are dependent on steel for their ability to produce and store energy, for gathering and transportation, for transmission, and for generation.

The steel industry consumes an enormous amount of energy on a daily basis and this energy comes from coal, natural gas, and renewables. A great portion of the steel industry’s electricity comes from coal-fired plants.

Steel, the material of choice in renewable energy structures, is the key in the fight against climate change because it can be recycled and reused, thereby lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Steel Is Green, Smart, Resource-Efficient Material

The use of steel in renewable energy is an efficient and cost-effective way to store and use energy. The use of steel in solar and wind energy structures is a smart way to create and use energy that is a renewable, clean and reliable source.

Steel is the only material that can be recycled and reused as it is durable and renewable. The use of steel in renewable energy projects will help to create a sustainable and high-performance energy system.

Steel Is a Critical Building Block for the Energy Transition

The energy sector is at the forefront of the transformation to a low-carbon economy. Technology and renewable energy instruments are the tools that will allow us to change our current energy systems.

Steel is the key to a sustainable energy future because it is a resource-efficient building material. It is easy to recycle, energy-efficient, less expensive than other materials, long-lasting and provides multiple functions in the energy infrastructure.

Steel Provides a Sustainable Way of Life

The use of steel in renewable energy will help to create a sustainable way of life. Through continuous research and development, the steel industry can create high-performing green structures that provide low-carbon energy solutions.

The steel industry is poised to capture the growth of renewable energy. As the global demand for renewable energy grows, the steel industry will be able to meet the demand for new research and development.

New projects for developing renewable energy sources using steel can create new innovative solutions that will allow us to create a sustainable energy system, which will benefit future generations.


Steel is a key ingredient in the renewable energy solution. Its use will help create a sustainable way of life by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. A sustainable energy market will continue to grow, allowing for the use of steel to develop new innovative ways to create clean energy sources that will benefit current and future generations.

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