Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel and Its Features

Architects and engineers are often inspired by steel to create buildings and other structures. While strong and beautiful on its own, the material is often used as a framework for overall designs. Groups turn to architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS) when they require exposed steel for functionality and aesthetic purposes.

What Is AESS?

Also known as architectural steel or structural steel, AESS is a durable steel product that has been specially coated to resist corrosion and provide a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Steel is a readily available component of many buildings, but it is often hidden. 

This type of steel is different because it is used as a part of the entire structure and is often exposed to the elements. If a design is not exposed to the elements but has large amounts of steel, it is also considered AESS.

What Are the Benefits of AESS?

AESS offers many benefits that architects, engineers, and contractors find very attractive. Here are some of them:

1. Strength and Safety

AESS is a solid material well suited to both interior and exterior applications. While the strength and durability of AESS can be attractive for buildings, there are many other instances where buildings and structures need to be safe. 

Expert installation and fabrication are essential when AESS is used in places that may be hazardous. Stairways and ladders are two examples of construction sites where safety is vital, and AESS is commonly used. Other areas that are expected to be safe, such as homes and offices, can benefit from the strength of AESS.

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2. Strength and Beauty

Designers and architects often love working with AESS because of its strength and aesthetic appeal. Due to their unique looks, AESS structures are often eye-catching and add an element of fashion to a design. 

People are often attracted to the strength and durability of AESS, and designers usually use this quality as inspiration when creating and building new structures. AESS can be used to make almost anything that a designer and architect can think of, but certain features are often incorporated in AESS products.

3. Aesthetic Quality

The smooth, clean look of AESS can be attributed to several factors, including the metallurgical treatment used to make the steel, the soundness of the material, the absence of non-structural material, and how the final product is fabricated. 

When AESS is produced and fabricated correctly, the result can be a product that is both strong and beautiful. The strength, durability, and attractiveness of AESS are why it is often used for exposed structural purposes.

4. Visual Interest

Visual interest is one of the most attractive features of AESS. Architects and designers use AESS to add interest to a bare wall as part of their designs. 

Depending on the creative vision of the architect or designer, exposed steel can be used to enhance a specific area or to highlight a particular detail. It can be used to create a focal point in a room or create a more interesting pattern for the wall.


AESS is a highly durable, versatile, and structurally efficient material. It is perfect for use in buildings and structures with large amounts of exposed steel. The strength of this material makes it a popular choice for architects and designers, who often use it as inspiration for their designs.

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