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KGS Steel - Bessemer, Alabama

KGS Steel – Bessemer, Alabama

KGS Steel - Nashville, Tennessee

KGS Steel – Nashville, Tennessee

KGS Steel, Inc. is a full line structural steel and carbon steel service center warehouse that has been servicing the southeastern United States since 1985.

In 1994, KGS moved from a 15,000 square foot facility to a new 70,000 square foot state of the art service center further ensuring our commitment to the changing needs of our customers. Today, our Bessemer warehouse has over 100,000 square feet under one roof.

In 1996, KGS Steel opened its first branch in Nashville, Tennessee. KGS-Nashville offers a full line of carbon steel products and processing. In 2004, KGS-Nashville moved into a newly renovated 70,000 square foot facility.

With over 100 years of combined sales experience, KGS Steel offers the quality, commitment and services that are demanded by today’s industrial sector. Family owned and operated since 1985, KGS Steel will continue to maintain those values that have helped us to grow into the company that we are today. We look forward to being your steel supplier today and well into the future.

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