5 Facts About Structural Steel You Should Know About

Steel is one of the most respected materials in construction, from commercial to residential. It can last longer than any other material under the most extreme conditions. How it became that much revered involved a lot of new discoveries and a better understanding of steel’s properties. Let’s take a closer look at some of the facts about structural steel and how it’s used in almost every industry today. 

Fact #1: Steel is Sturdy and Dependable

When it comes to building, sturdy and dependable are two of the best words you can use to describe a building material. These two words describe steel in a nutshell. It is sturdy because all of its components are bound together. In addition, it is a combination of many materials that are proven and tested to withstand any kind of pressure, weather, or impact. It is also very dependable because it is the only material that can become stronger with each use. As a building material ages, it will eventually become stronger because the materials within it have been tested and retested.

Fact #2: Steel is Resistant to Fire

There’s no such thing as a building material that’s completely immune to fire, but some materials can resist it like no other can. Steel, for one, is an excellent example of it. It is resistant to fire for a number of reasons. It is heavy, so it is hard for any fire to burn through. Fire will spread through all of the steel faster, but the chances of it actually reaching the smoldering stage before the fire department can put it out are slim. Steel also contains carbon, which restricts the oxygen in the flames, making fires burn slower, while the metal expands, which lessens the amount of damage that can occur.

Fact #3: Steel is Easy to Work with

Steel has many qualities that make it a good choice for a construction material. Even though it is strong and resistant to both natural and man-made disasters, it is also easy to work with. In fact, one of the most attractive selling points of steel is its flexibility. It can be bent and molded into many different patterns. The only limit to what you can do with steel is your own imagination when it comes to the designs.

Fact #4: Steel is Invulnerable to Natural Threats

Natural disasters and other conditions threaten a building’s integrity. With the right kind of preparation, you can make repairs to a building that’s been damaged, eventually making it look like it’s never been affected at all. With steel, this is even easier. It’s resistant to natural disasters and can last for many years after being fixed. This is why it is a good idea to invest in steel for the duration of your building needs. While it may be weaker when it comes to fires, steel can hold its own against other natural elements.

Fact #5: Steel is One of the Most Common Building Materials

There are plenty of materials that people use in construction, but steel is one of them. Structural steel is the most common material used when people need to build something that can hold heavy weights. It is used in constructing bridges, buildings, and even cars when they need a sturdy and dependable material to help them get from point A to point B. Structural steel can also be used in place of other materials that are not as sturdy. In fact, it is a replacement for reinforced concrete. It’s a lot easier to build with, not to mention it is more lightweight.

Final Thoughts

The importance of steel in construction and other industries cannot be understated. It is very durable, resistant to damage, and can last for a very long time. After all, anything as strong as steel is bound to last.

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