Qualifications Your Structural Steel Fabricator Should Have

structural steel fabricatorStructural steel is used in major construction and building jobs for creating building foundations and support beams. When working with steel, you must have a qualified and certified structural steel fabricator. They must have the proper credentials, documents, and steelwork experience. 

How do you know you have the right professional for the job? Let’s discuss it in further detail.

Major Steel Qualifications

Your structural steel fabricators must have a certification with the AISC or the American Institute of Steel Construction. The AISC certification proves that they underwent an audit and review and are officially qualified for the job. 

They must also have a CWI or Certified Welding Inspector certificate. The latter is a national standard from the American Welding Society used in the welding and steel industries. It indicates high-quality work that meets steel industry standards. Some states may also have their own local qualifications. 

Past Experience

Your choice of fabricators also needs to provide a list of their previous building and steel-related projects. These previous projects are a good indicator as to the level and depth of their steelwork. It is important to see the range of work they have conducted and how they match your needs for the specific structural steel building projects.

If your steel fabricator has any additional specialization work they’ve previously completed, you can also review them. Knowing their level of work with related specializations or other higher capabilities will help with your project. The structural steel fabricator’s specializations can be an added asset to your project overall.


Another important part of your quality check is the structural steel fabricator for your building project. It should be a collaborative effort that needs their guidance from time to time.

Among the job checks, you need to include working permits specific for the structural steel fabricators and compliance with safety to industry standards. You also have to agree on when there will be regular site inspections and updates and other project arrangements. You also need to discuss project schedules at this point.

The steel project should follow standards and processes in line with the property owner’s plans, including timeframes on the project. These discussions should cover all the required terms and delivery schedules. If you’re in charge of tracking and updating the project, you need to contact the fabricator for progress updates.

Final Notes

Undertaking a major steel project requires an industry-standard steel fabricator. Your steel project may be for construction or steel parts related to it. An experienced steel fabricator will be able to check the details of your work versus the steel and processing it needs. 

Steel will be used in different methods, even in the same project. You’d need the experience of fabricators who have worked on or specialized in applications related to your project specifications and needs.

KGS Steel Nashville follows the standards of structural steel fabricator for major projects. Aside from our supply of high-quality steel, we also offer basic in-house steel processing services. For high-level projects, you have come to the right source. Leave your quote request on our website anytime, and we’ll answer ASAP.

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