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The 8 Forms of Structural Steel You’ll Find in Nashville, TN

Structural steel is a strong and versatile material with various uses in construction. It is often used in the form of beams, columns, and frames to provide support for buildings and other structures. Structural steel can also be customized to fit specific design needs, allowing it to be used in various ways. Engineers and builders rely on structural steel for the strength and stability of their projects.

Here are some forms you can find them in:

American Standard

The American Standard Beam comprises two thin side plates connected by a center web. The dimensions and weight of the beam are indicated by its designation, so users know exactly what it is capable of. A beam with a designation of ‘W 24×90’ would be 24 inches deep and weigh 90 pounds per foot. These beams are often used in construction projects due to their considerable strength and versatility.


Angle beams are a type of structural support with a shape that resembles the letter L. They have two straight sections connected at a 90-degree angle. These sections can be either the same length or different lengths. Angle beams are used for reinforcement and stabilization in a variety of situations.

Bearing Pile

Bearing pile beams are constructed as an ‘H’ and are utilized to support substantial foundations. A strong support system is created by driving the ‘H-shaped beams into the soil, allowing the structure’s weight to be transferred to the tip of the pile.


Channel beams are structural steel with two parallel sides called flanges connected by a web in the middle. They are usually used to provide strong economic support for shorter buildings.

Hollow Steel

Hollow steel sections, also called h-beams, are pipes with a hollow interior, which come in various shapes, for example, round, rectangular, and elliptical. Engineers use these beams to form the framework of load-bearing columns.

I Beam

H-beams and I-beams are structural supports that feature two parallel flanges connected by a vertical web. The difference is that I-beams are tapered, so they are better at resisting shear and bending forces. They are cost-effective for many construction projects and can be found in many buildings.


Pipes are cylindrical conduits that deliver liquids, gases, or other materials from one place to another. They come in various sizes, materials, and configurations to suit the needs of the project and the environment. Pipes can transport water, oil, gas, and other substances, providing a reliable and efficient way to manage flow throughout a system.


Tees, also known as T-beams, are steel beam structures with T-shaped cross-sections. A cut is made through the beam’s web, leaving the flange at the top of the T shape. Even though I-beams are often seen as more advantageous due to the extra flange, T-beams are still reliable and sturdy for supporting heavy loads.

In Closing, The Last Structural Steel Form Is Customizable

Steel fabrication shops are capable of crafting specialized structural steel pieces that are tailored to the exact specifications of a project. They can craft these pieces to fit any project, ensuring the desired results. This allows them to provide a customized solution uniquely suited to a given project, providing the best possible outcome.

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