The Advantages of Using CAD for Structural Steel Detailing

Modern structures and architectural innovation go hand in hand. While it’s wonderful to see theoretical advancement in the field, there’s nothing like seeing a principle put to use in a new type of structure.

All modern buildings are built with architectural innovation in mind. While some employ the use of modern cement mixtures, others are backed up by computerized modeling. Indeed, the construction industry has been affected by advancements in technology in more ways than one.

With that being said, one of the tools used for structural steel detailing is none other than CAD. CAD, or computer-aided design, is a type of software that allows architects to visualize the structure they need to build, whether residential or commercial. With a clearer view of it, they are better able to coordinate with any stakeholders involved.

Now, if that may seem like an unnecessary step and you are more inclined towards the traditional method of construction, there is nothing wrong with that. However, using CAD definitely has a lot of advantages that positively impact the overall process in the long run. If you want to learn more about this technology, look no further than the examples we have listed below.

1. They Enable You to Work with Accuracy

One of the major advantages of using CAD for structural steel detailing is that you will be able to avoid any errors that go with the measurements. Of course, you still need to input raw data so that you will have a basis of what you are working with, both in digital and physical form. However, such details are made more clearer with the help of the software, as it is programmed to stick with whatever the preliminary measurements are.

You will never have to rely on a separate measurement, especially if it will just cause confusion between you and any contractors involved.

2. They Are Easy to Use

There used to be a time when structural steel detailing was drawn on a huge sheet of paper, and architects and designers had to work tirelessly to record everything in as much detail as possible. While that method has its own merits, the fact remains that such a process is time-consuming, tedious, and prone to human error.

The good news is that CAD deviates from the slow crawl of work, allowing the designer to plot out the steel detailing and its supporting structures with just a few drags of the mouse and a couple of clicks from the keyboard.

3. They Can Be Integrated with Virtual Reality

If you really want to go the extra mile, you can model your structural steel detailing within the backdrop of a virtual reality software. This will help you, the contractors, and your client experience walking in the said structure and getting a feel of how the final project will look and feel.

While none of you may be able to touch the virtual structure per se, you may get an actual view of the size and adjust on the fly if ever something looks way off from what was originally planned out.


While traditional structuring and planning may still have their place in the field of construction, the use of technology is becoming more prevalent. CAD is one of the many tools that modern architects and designers use to help their clients get a gist of their dream home or commercial establishment. 

Because of its ability to invoke accuracy, easy-to-use interface, and virtual reality integration, you can expect that more and more professionals will be using it in the foreseeable future. Use it to your advantage as well and impress your clients with well-designed structural steel detailing.

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