Why You Should Use Steel in Residential Construction

Constructing a house is an intricate and delicate process. It involves a lot of people, such as the homeowner, the contractor, and the workers who will do manual labor, to name a few. Some could even say that the suppliers for the materials are people who are involved as well. After all, they must make sure that their products are up to standard, or else they can be liable if the materials break.

There are lots of materials that are used in residential construction. These include concrete, wood, steel, and stone, to name just a few. One material, in particular, steel, is necessary but is often taken for granted by many people.

So why exactly should steel be used in residential construction? In this article, we’ll shed some light on its advantages. Read on to learn more.  

It’s Versatile

Steel offers architects more freedom when it comes to design, specifically in texture, color, and shape. Aside from that, steel is also malleable, giving architects other options to explore different ideas and solutions.

Steel can also be assembled pretty quickly since the average time of setting up a whole frame for the foundation takes up less than a week. This is possible because of the structural steel’s lighter weight. 

Conclusively, steel’s versatility makes it a necessary part of any construction project, residential or otherwise. 

It Offers Resistance to Elements

Since steel is incredibly strong, it offers a fair share of elemental resistance as well.

Over the years, steel manufacturers have always come up with innovations on how steel buildings can be protected from fire. These innovations have been constantly improved and applied to protect buildings from fire damage.

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Aside from fire damage, steel also allows for earthquake resistance. Earthquakes are very unpredictable, as they can strike anytime. Steel is a good choice for construction material because many beam-to-column connections are designed to support gravity loads and lateral loads caused by earthquakes. 

It Combines Functionality and Aesthetics 

Since most steel used as frames is considerably thin, it gives a feeling of openness. This is also a functional characteristic because architects can visualize how other framing materials will be integrated during construction. These are then complemented by other factors such as steel’s spanning and dimensional stability. Steel can also dampen noise and is recyclable. The recyclability of steel can come in handy if smaller quantities are needed during construction.

It Is Light and Environment-Friendly 

When saying that using steel helps the environment, we don’t mean the traditional eco-friendly way. Using steel requires less foundation work, which in turn lessens the impact on the environment where it’s installed. 

Since steel is a light material, it’s also easier to move around, reducing other expenses for transportation and fuel. It’s also energy-efficient because heat radiates quickly from steel roofing, which creates a cooler environment in your home. If you live in an area with a predominantly cold climate, double steel panels can be insulated to contain heat better.


Steel is a building material that should not be taken for granted. In addition to ensuring that your home’s foundation is strong and durable, it offers other benefits that help improve the functionality and aesthetics of your property. That is why you must always get high-quality steel for your construction needs. 

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